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(Team Under Salary Restriction)

What is fantasy Sport?

It's a skill-based game that makes you experience the thrill of what a high-profile captain or a coach would go through before playing every match - a real test of your team management skills, your knowledge and understanding of player strengths and weaknesses and various factors affecting the game.

You will have to select a team of, mostly, 11 players from the fixtures allotted and compete with your friends, users & participants in mumbai games sports. Winners get exciting cash prizes! What's better than earning through playing games eh?

Salary Cap is one of the many formats of fantasy cricket, and it's the most popular in India. In this format, you will be given a budget within which you will have to pick your players. Every player will have a salary tag attached with him. The salary tag will be based on how good a player is, so obviously good players will be rated high.

You will have team combination challenges as well. Selecting the best team that meets the combination requirements within the budget given to you is where the challenge lies.

1. Create/Join League 2. Set Match Orders 3. Enter the fantasy field
  • Join private/public league
  • Invite friends to join (if you have empty slots left in your league)
  • Create your team
  • Make note of good players to pick
  • Check match-up page for live updates
  • Check standings and win prizes

You can join two types of leagues: Private (free & paid) and Public (free and paid).

Private leagues are generally used to play among friends. Sometimes users allow their leagues to be open for public as well.
Public leagues, on the other hand, will be managed by Mumbai Games-Cricbattle.

Join Public League
  1. Click on “Play” menu and select the match you want to play.
  2. Decide which league you want to join. You can join both free and paid leagues.
  3. Once you join the league you can create and submit your team.
  4. You will receive an email when the league gets filled.
Join Private League
  1. Click on “Play” menu and select the match you want to play.
  2. Click on “Play Private League” tab. Enter Invitation code and team name to join private league. Don’t worry if you donot have any code, you can join the private leagues open to the public.
  3. Once you join the league you can create and submit your team.
  4. You will receive an email when the league gets filled.
Create League
  1. Click on “Play” menu and select the match you want to play.
  2. Click on “Play Private League” tab. Enter the League name and your team name. The manager who creates a League becomes the League Manager (LM).
  3. Our system will generate a unique code that you can share with your friends while inviting them to join your League.
  4. You can also create a paid private leagues and invite your friends to play.
Budget limit:

You will be given a budget of 100,000 within which you will have to manage your team. The net worth of the 11 players that you pick shouldn't exceed the limit; it should either be less than or equal to 100,000.  

There is no specific way to maximise the fantasy returns of your team. It could be 6 superstar players and 5 rookies or below-average ones or 11 good players with no superstars (superstars in the sense players who value more than 10,000). 

The trick to nailing it really lies in how well you analyse the conditions in which a particular match is going to be played in.  

When will my team be locked? 

Lock time depends on the settings of the league rule. Generally it is either at match time or 30 mins before the match time. In case of match time locking you can make changes till the match starts, otherwise you need to submit the team before deadline as per league settings. 

Note: If the start gets delayed due to any other reason, it won't have any effect on the locking time. 

How do captain and vice-captain changes work?

You can select a captain and a vice-captain for each matchday. Your captain and vice captain wil score you extra bonus points.

Submit button:

Arguably the most important button of the site. You can do all the analysis, all the homework, be active 24*7 and make all the changes you want, but if you don't save them by clicking 'submit', you are screwed. 

Whatever changes you make, be it changing your c/vc or trading out a player, make sure you click 'submit' after doing it. Else, none of the changes you made will be saved.

How are scores awarded to team players?

Your "Playing team" players score points depending on how those players perform in real life matches. Your team players accumulate points from every aspect of action on the field depending on the sport. The point system is designed differently for different sports based on format of matches.

Emergency conditions: If match gets interrupted by any reason, the fantasy scores for players will be updated as per the official result of the match.

  1. No Result : Players will get points for their performance.
  2. Abandoned Match : No points will be awarded.
How do I win a league?

Teams accumulate points on an ongoing bases based on the real performance of the players in actual matches. The team with the highest points by the end of the league will be declared as the League champion.

How do I win prizes?

Join the free prized league daily. Top daily wnners and overall winners will be awarded with cash prizes and merchandises. Check the prizes page for more details.